Soul Whispering

Coaching and Guidance

Kaye has created a safe and nurturing space in her Lennox Head home, where she provides her personalised guidance and coaching sessions. Kaye holds space while working through any blockages allowing you to gain clarity in moving forward and aligning with your inner self.

Your soul purpose Readings $88/hour

Find your life purpose and align with your higher self. Receive guidance and clarity on your journey to your souls mission.

Soul Whispering Sessions from $111

A transformative session as we deep dive into where you are currently at on your journey.

We work actively together clearing blocks, working on boundaries, speaking your truth and understanding about energy fields.

We move through a process of balancing your masculine and feminine.

Delve deep and integrate your gifts in aligning with your mission and purpose.

Each session is personalised for your own unique journey, providing tools and practices to action into your daily life.