Coaching and Guidance

Coaching and Guidance

Kaye has created a safe and nurturing space in her Lennox Head home, where she provides a range of coaching and guidance services to those in need. She loves to help others overcome blockages and step into their true calling and is ready to hold space to help you align with your deeper self.

Intuitive Sessions Readings $88/hour

Guidance and messages to support you on your journey and aligning with yourself.

Find out your purpose and complete cycles. I provide tools to use on supporting you to step into your central pillar. Balancing the feminine and masculine. So you can feel centered and balanced on your life’s journey.

Alignment Consultation A magical two hour session $222

We deep dive into where you are at on your journey exploring blocks and cycles to release and over come. We look at the process of integrating a balance between your masculine and femine. Where you boundaries, giving and receivng are at.

(This is booked as an initial session before your “Take your Power Back session.”

Soul Whispering

A transformative session of integrating your gifts to align with your purpose and mission. Delve deep in fulfilling your spiritual mission and purpose.

Take your Power Back

We work actively through clearing  blocks, working on boundaries and your energy field, so you can strengthen who you are. Calling your true self back in alignment your central pillar’s mission and purpose. Creating a balance between your masculine and feminine.